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I am going to teach you an easy way to understand the basics of math and applying it to homework. But first I want to make sure you understand what multiplication is. Take a look at this picture

Multiplication: Welcome

The basics of Multiplication


As you can see in this picture, its showing us that there are many 3's that are adding up. There are precisely 5 of these 3's. Its telling us what 3+3+3+3+3=15, or 5 x 3= 15.

This is the very basics of multiplication, another example could be 9 x 3. You can think of it as 9+9+9, or 9 x 3 =27.

Multiplication: Who We Are
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Basic things about math.


1. Anything times 0 equals 0 no matter what. (12 x 0 =0)
2. Anything times 1 equals to the top digits (12 x 1 =12)
3. If digits surpass a number bigger than 10 while multiplicating, you want to place the left digit to the top of the number you are going to multiply next. You are going to multiply the numbers as usual, but you are going to add the remainder. 
In the example to the right, we multiply 5 x 6 which equals 30. We put the 3 on top of the 2, and we move the 0 to the bottom. We then multiply 6 x 2 which equals to 15 but we add the 3 we moved. We continue with this process until we finish.

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Two digit and three digit multiplication.

Now that you know the basics of one-digit multiplication, it's time to learn the basics of two and three-digit multiplication.
It is basically the same as one-digit multiplication. But you have to follow a specific pattern.
You first look at the top numbers, then you look at the bottom ones. What you then want to do is multiply the number at the very right in the bottom numbers first. In this case, it would be 3, and you would multiply it by 2, then by the other 2. 
These numbers you would place at the bottom. Then you go one number to the left, in this case, it would be 4. Then you do the same thing, 8 and 8. This time instead of plugging the numbers directly at the bottom, you want to skip a digit. This goes for the three-digit and above as well. Then you add the numbers we got, from top to bottom.

Multiplication: About Us
Box Method.png

Different ways to do multiplication


The box method is pretty simple. If they give you a multiplication problem bigger than one digit, you could use this.
If you are doing 2 digit multiplication you will need a box with 2 rows and 2 columns. If you are using 3 digit multiplication you will need 3 rows and 2 columns. Next, you want to separate the values, in the problem above the 48 becomes 40 and 8. As well as 26, which becomes 20 and 6, these numbers will be put on different squares of the grid, the 40 and 8 on the top and the 20 and 6 on the side. Then we multiply 40 x 20 (800) , 20 x 8 (160) , 6 x 40 (240) , 6 x 8 (48). We will then add all of these calculations together to get our answer.

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62 x 39

You start of by multiplying 9 x 2, which gets you 18. You put a 1 above 6, and move the 8 down. You then multiply 9 x 6 which gets you 54, you then add 1, which gets you 55. The first part will give you 558.
On to the second part, you first want to put a 0 below the 8 on 558. You then want to multiply 3 x 2 which will give you 6, plug the 6 besides the 0. You then want to multiply 3 x 6, which will give you 18. Since you are done with the multiplication part, plug the 18 besides the 6. The second part will give you 1860.
Good Job! You are almost done, all that's left is to add 558 + 1860. This will give you 2418. Meaning that 62 x 39= 2418.
The rest of the problems ill leave it up to you.


13 x 75

What is 13 x 75? 

Remember the 3rd tip I gave you, if you have a number bigger than 9 and you can pass on the number on the left to the left, do it!

Don't look if you arent done!

13 x 75= 975


155 x 94

Are they getting easier?

You can do it

For these types of problems, just do the same steps as the multiplications with 2 digits but with an extra step. Dont forget to add all 3 at the end.

155 x 94= 14570


166 x 148

 I feel like this one might cause some trouble so i am going to go over it quickly. After you have done the first part you should have gotten 1328.

For the second part you should have gotten 6640.

Remember that you must add another 0 for every bottom number after the first number. So this part should give you 16600.

When you finally add all of these together you should get 24568.

166 x 148= 24568

Multiplication: What We Do
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